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Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. It is the implementation of new technologies, talent, and processes to improve business operations and satisfy customers.

Digital Transformation Defined

Digital transformation marks a rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people, and processes in pursuit of new business models and new revenue streams. It is driven by changes in customer expectations around products and services. Digital transformation requires cross-departmental collaboration in pairing business-focused philosophies with rapid application development models.

Digital Transformation Steps

Here are five steps companies can follow to affect the kind of change they need:

  1. Align objectives with business goals. Answer the question: What business outcomes do you want to achieve for customers?
  2. IT and business must co-create. IT must work as a co-creator with the business to solve problems and deliver value for customers.
  3. Pick strategic partners. IT leaders need help fulfilling digital imperatives to reduce time to business value. Bet on the ones with proven track records whose values most closely align with yours.
  4. Redesign business and products around customer outcomes. This could include using cloud software to accelerate change and embracing artificial intelligence to boost operational efficiency.
  5. Retrain employees around digital. Ensure that your employees are skilled in cloud, DevOps, CI/CD, and other modern technologies and practices to fortify them for the future.

Digital Transformation (DX) Challenges

  • Strategy - more than one-third of executives cite the lack of a clear DX strategy as a key barrier to achieving full potential. Developing a DX strategy aligned with business goals and built to enable measurable value is essential to success and program longevity.
  • Data alignment - three-out-of-four executives say improving the ability to leverage data across the enterprise would be effective at addressing disruption. Gathering, organizing, and democratizing your data unlocks greater potential for DX outcomes.
  • Speed and scale - manufacturers on average start with eight digital transformation projects, with 75% of these failing to scale. To overcome this pilot purgatory, combine a value-led DX strategy with strategic partners and out-of-the-box solutions.

Our Solution: Mobility Ecosystem Time to Value

The pace at which technology changes has impacts both short and long term that are sometimes invisible. Before forging ahead with a digital ecosystem, you need to identify the best approach for establishing a successful collaboration. METTV™ is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) process that considers current state + mobility ecosystem to drive efficient business value. It fits the hardware, software and services needs of your organization. Our approach includes the following:

  1. Conduct a review of current state by helping to answer these (3) questions:
    1. What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
    2. What are your existing key technology platforms?
    3. What is your process for selecting technology platforms?‍
  2. Modernize your digital strategy to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies
  3. Unlock how your data is obtained, processed, and analyzed
  4. Connect ideas, talent, and the latest technology to help you elevate the human experience

Each digital transformation journey is unique. There are best practices to follow and data-driven insights to inform the path forward. Digital transformation is an opportunity for industrial enterprises to lead their industries, capture market value, and drive efficiencies across engineering, manufacturing, and service. Ready to get started? Contact us today and let us handle your mobility solution.

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