SOTI ONE Platform Supports IT Modernization

Amid all the changes the global pandemic has brought to businesses, the drive to modernize networks might be the most significant. Providing anywhere-work workforces with endpoint security for their devices without adding more complexity to tech stacks is a challenging problem to solve. In addition, every endpoint with access to the corporate network is another potential risk for attack - making business-critical mobile operations more important than ever.

It’s time to modernize endpoint management.

Getting endpoint security right for virtual workforces needs to include self-correcting, native endpoint security integration and improved experiences that give employees the freedom to use their own devices. A single, unified platform to manage company-owned and BYOD devices is now essential for any endpoint strategy and must include:

  • Self-service: endpoint management platforms need to fast-track self-service to gain greater adoption. AI is becoming more commonplace in endpoint management platforms to enable automatic remediation of endpoint issues without human involvement.
  • Employee freedom: modern endpoint management platforms must give employees the freedom to use their own devices while securing them as effectively as a corporate-issued one.
  • Automated support: modern endpoint management platforms need to design in more automated support to streamline configuring and deploying third-party devices.
  • Data analysis: modern endpoint management platforms need to collect and analyze end-user experience data that helps understand endpoints’ operational health, security, and performance. The goal is to provide the most secure endpoint possible with little to no friction or inconveniences encountered by the user.

As a prospective buyer, it’s important to pay attention to how a platform approaches policy management. Consider the types of policies that your market and regulatory bodies require. You should also focus on how vendors approach their pricing and licensing structures. A growing number of UEM vendors are moving to user-based pricing rather than device-based pricing. This shift tends to save customers’ money and better fits modern enterprise environments where users work on more than one device.

Things are better when they work together.

In 2017, SOTI released the first version of the SOTI ONE Platform - making mobile and IoT business operations simpler, smarter and more reliable. The SOTI ONE Platform is an integrated set of tools and technologies that deliver powerful new services to our customers. These tools include:

  • SOTI Snap - a cross-platform mobile app development solution that empowers organizations to build the mobile apps they need quickly and cost-efficiently, without the need for specialized resources.
  • SOTI MobiControl - empowers companies to securely manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout their entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement.
  • SOTI XSight - integrates with SOTI MobiControl and enables rapid resolution of app and mobile device issues.
  • SOTI Connect - provides complete lifecycle management of IoT-enabled devices within an organization.
  • SOTI Identity - enables simple and secure access to the SOTI ONE Platform suite of solutions.
    • It provides centralized user authentication, single sign-on and role management, empowering organizations to create seamless, integrated mobility management workflows.
  • SOTI Central - an online community for SOTI partners and customers,and makes it easy for customers to connect, communicate and collaborate with product experts and other solutions providers, to get the most out of their mobility and IoT deployments.

The SOTI ONE Platform transcends traditional MDM/EMM/UEM products. Each integrated solution gives you end-to-end visibility over all aspects of your device deployments. The days of using siloed solutions that do not work with one another are over. At INFRASI, we partner with some of the best. Our relationship with SOTI allows us to deliver tools to support your modernization initiatives in a cost effective way. Modernize your IT environment while maximizing its performance with us! Schedule your consultation today.

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