Why MDM Is Important for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are under pressure to keep up with larger organizations in the ever-changing world of IT. To stay competitive, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and adopt modern technologies like Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM helps you remotely manage devices throughout their lifetime inside and outside of your enterprise. MDM keeps track of the physical assets and also keeps everything up to date and secure. It gives users a unified experience from a single point of control, no matter how many managed devices.

MDM software typically runs either in the cloud or on-premise. Through MDM’s management console, you can remotely manage and configure devices. With many providers and several options available in the marketplace, MDM features vary extensively from provider to provider, but below are some of the most crucial with regard to productivity:

  • Device Provisioning
  • Application distribution and management
  • Application configuration
  • Device and app. management from a central console

Many digital tools are available to help you and your team be more productive. Used with one another, these tools make it easier to stay organized, plan and prioritize tasks, and schedule time more effectively. Here are some of our favorite tools:

  • Microsoft 365 Teams - Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. Teams provides file and data collaboration and extensibility features, and integrates with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft and partner apps. 
  • Microsoft OneNote: A digital notebook helps you save, organize, and access all your memos in one secure place. 
  • Microsoft Lists: Create, share, and track issues, contacts, and inventory to keep everyone aligned around what’s happening. 
  • Microsoft To Do App: Create tasks (and sub-tasks) to create more productive habits and personalized suggestions on the most critical priorities for the day.
  • Microsoft Planner: Get more work done using Kanban boards to create content-rich tasks with features including files, checklists, and labels. 
  • Google Workspace: (formally known as G Suite) helps teams of all sizes connect, create, and collaborate. It gives your organization more control and more features, so you can secure documents and data, collaborate more effectively, and leverage advanced features and programs to make your teams faster, more collaborative and better informed than ever before.

Our approach in understanding people and financial constraints of SMBs was a key requirement in creating a pathway to adopt technology. We developed IT Modernization bundles to help SMBs with the main modern infrastructure components and to quickly deploy the technology. The critical components of our IT modernization bundles are: 

  • Enterprise Mobility Management - is a way to manage all your employees' mobile devices. This includes phones, tablets, and laptops. It allows you to keep track of all the devices and make sure that they are secure.
  • Cloud Wi-Fi Management - lets you control your Wi-Fi from anywhere. You can connect to the internet and then manage your Wi-Fi from there. This is an effective way to keep track of what is going on with your Wi-Fi and make sure that everything is working well.
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) - is a way to manage user access to cloud-based applications and resources. IAM lets you control who can access what in the cloud and helps keep your data safe.

Whether managing tasks and projects, completing work, or just showing up on time, digital tools can make you more productive, collaborative, and consistent. Used in tandem with one another, these intuitive smart apps will help get you on the right path quickly—and begin seeing positive results almost immediately. Things change fast in the digital productivity space as new functionality is added all the time. The best way to derive the biggest return on your investment is to work with a partner. We partner with the leading suppliers of MDM to make sure you get the best option for your business and the biggest return on your investment. Contact us today to learn more.

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