INFRASI Product Bundles: Accelerate your IT Modernization

Ready or not, the global mobility trend is forcing enterprises to enable a mobile workforce with business productivity tools on any device, regardless of the underlying operating system. As mobile users increasingly demand the ability to use their own devices for everything personal and work-related, IT is quickly losing control over end-user technology decisions. That’s where we come in! We offer product bundles that are designed to help enterprise leaders achieve business transformation. 

Deep Supplier Relationships

We’ve partnered with the best to offer you product bundles that will improve your digital strategy and IT operating environment. Our deep supplier relationships give us insight into which of our partners (like SOTI, Microsoft and CommScope - - to name a few) is best suited to support your specific requirements. Each bundle (as pictured below) includes a partner Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product plus technical services (EMM, IAM or Wireless Assessment). Depending on which bundles makes sense for your business, you could have up to 3 SaaS products as well as 3 technical services.



Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

EMM is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations support a multi-OS environment that allows employees to use their preferred devices to access corporate apps and data while meeting critical security and compliance requirements. Every EMM platform should allow the enterprise to enable critical business processes through mobile apps that are easy to access and use on any device. Good news - - our bundles support a new deployment or migration of any existing EMM solution to Soti One Platform/Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


Identity Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management solutions help organizations accelerate the velocity to modernize infrastructure, move to the cloud, reduce IT friction, cultivate user trust and enhance customer engagement. We will work with you to establish a strategy that will help your organization build an intelligent, connected and collaborative workforce centered around identity and trust. We offer both an assessment and operational setup of Microsoft Azure AD.


Wireless Assessment

Accurate network planning is one of the most critical steps in a successful Wi-Fi deployment, as poor planning can result in spotty coverage, unhappy users, and over-spending on infrastructure. The RUCKUS Wi-Fi Planner by Yagna is a cloud-based, multi-vendor predictive Wi-Fi site survey tool used by thousands of partners across the globe.We offer both an assessment and operational setup of CommScope Ruckus.


Design.  Deploy.  Manage.

To begin the planning process, it’s important to first know what success means for your organization, and how quickly you expect to achieve it. Gathering feedback from key stakeholders across your enterprise will be critical in the planning stage. During the design phase, we’ll work with you to define roles, assign action and manage distribution. In the deployment phase, we’ll work with you to determine if your platform will be an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Finally, once your solution is ready for rollout, we’ll work with your help desk staff to ensure they are thoroughly prepared. 


Providing your business with optimization tools needed for IT Modernization positions your establishment at the cutting edge of security, while reducing costs and increasing end to end organizational visibility to drive your ROI. Are you ready to transform and optimize your enterprise mobility strategy?  We are your one-stop shop for the essentials. Learn more, here!

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