WLAN and Enterprise Mobility Alignment: 3 Essentials to Consider


To support a growing adoption of mobility within an enterprise, WLAN needs to be in sync with your enterprise mobility management strategy. Here are three essential WLAN characteristics associated with enterprise mobility to consider.

3 Essential WLAN Characteristics to Consider

1. Operations and Management

The WLAN must be capable of handling the influx of endpoints accessing the network. At the same time, it needs to be manageable as it supports new requirements around mobility. Activities include managing WLAN hardware, data risks and WLAN reporting, for example. The technology refresh cycle might need to be evaluated.

2. Design

The WLAN needs to be scalable. As enterprise mobility apps, devices and more change, your WLAN needs to evolve with the changes. The initial design might be adequate for a while, but anticipate you're designing a WLAN with a moving target and plan accordingly.

3. Security

Security should be a major concern for the WLAN in the case of enterprise management. The WLAN must protect the enterprise management by leaving no flaws in the security management. Data in transit is important in enterprise mobility. Leveraging established security standards that use dynamic encryption keys and advanced authentication, for instance, is a must.

Understanding the WLAN environment is vital to enterprise mobility. As we continue operating in the extended enterprise world, we focus on thinking about your mobility strategy holistically.

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