Platform as a Service and INFRASI’s METTV

Technology plays a critical role in top and bottom-line results. The pace at which technology changes has impacts, both short and long term, that are sometimes invisible. Staying abreast of emerging technology trends and applying them to strategic goals is critical.

Platform as a service (PaaS) is an enabler for software development where a third-party service provider delivers a platform to customers so they can develop, run, and manage software applications without the need to build and maintain the underlying infrastructure themselves. PaaS includes infrastructure—servers, storage, and networking—but also middleware, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems, and more. PaaS is designed to support the complete web application lifecycle: building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.

PaaS allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licenses. You manage the applications and services you develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of using a PaaS is the ability to create and deploy applications quickly and without the heavy lifting required to set up and maintain the environment in which they will run. A PaaS can also be a handy gateway to new cloud-native development techniques and programming languages, without the upfront investment of building a new environment.

At INFRASI, we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind PaaS solution known as Mobility Ecosystem Time to Value (METTVTM). METTVTM considers the current state + mobility ecosystem to drive efficient business value. It fits the hardware, software, and services needs of your organization. METTV is an outcome based process that enables:

  • Data-Driven Organization - participants can collect more data, which allows analytics to create even better offerings and improve the customer experience.
  • Innovation - focus on achieving new and disruptive innovation by working with suppliers who possess the necessary capabilities.
  • Investment Roadmaps - new technologies are central to customer-oriented products and services. Committing resources now has the potential to deliver a payoff later.
  • Technology and Business Convergence - supplier-development partnerships that drive operational excellence in the value chain.

As an organization, if you could get proactive in foreseeing all the direct and indirect costs related to technology, that would put you in a better position. Before forging ahead with a digital ecosystem, you need to identify the best approach for establishing a successful collaboration.

We take a layered approach, where we will:
  • Conduct a review of current state by helping to answer these (3) questions:
  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • What are your existing key technology platforms?
  • What is your process for selecting technology platforms?
  • Modernize your digital strategy to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Unlock how your data is obtained, processed, and analyzed.
  • Connect ideas, talent, and the latest technology to help you elevate the human experience.

Time and budget are both potential barriers to implementing new technology. But partnering with INFRASI and our bench of digitally innovative companies can jump-start your digital transformation. Let’s talk, today!

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